Tree Planting

To tie in with our eco-conscious ethos, we have partnered with the wonderful Eden Projects, and have pledged to plant 1 tree with each and every card we sell.

The trees planted help to restore healthy forests where they’re needed the most. Trees are a vital lifeline not just in terms of controlling air pollution; they provide a habitat for animals, purify water sources, control erosion/flooding and help to replenish nutrients into depleted soil. This in turn increases crop yields creating more food and a boost in the local economy.

Unemployment and poverty are common in areas hit by mass deforestation. Through their amazing work in Nepal, Madagascar, Indonesia and Haiti, Eden Projects are able to hire local people and give them a good income so they can provide for their families. It is an honour to be able to partner with this great organisation and we’re excited to see how many trees we can plant together!




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