*Upcoming Price Increases*

We have always tried to keep our prices as low as possible to help people make the eco switch and to plant lots of trees!

We have absorbed the multiple increases in material costs and have continued to take a hit but have to increase our prices due to the 4th increase in cardboard, a 7% increase in shipping, a 50% increase in our tree planting costs and increased fulfilment costs.

We have frozen prices for until April 1st, when our new prices will be:

£1.30 (previously £1.20) for naked cards

£1.45 (previously £1.30) for wrapped cards

New RRP of £3.50 (previously £2.99) for single cards

This keeps our mark up of 2.4 for wrapped cards and 2.7 for naked cards.With our new RRP, our prices still rival standard cards, especially with the added benefits of tree planting and flower seeds. We are  confident that your customers will feel the same.


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